Finding your Charka in the Texas Hill Country

How does one find that inner “life force”?  Go get lost in nature.  A good recharge of the soul requires an escape….to the hills of Texas. Nestled along an old stagecoach route which ran between San Antonio and the western forts of the 1850s, there lies in the present century, a gem of a B&B—Tres Lunas […]

Family Vacations 1980-2012

Family vacations, we’ve all experienced them.  Even if that meant packing up mom’s 1980s hooptie and going to the river (my husband’s memories of a family vacation).  Growing up I don’t remember having a desire to see what most kids wanted to see.  Walt and his Disney World weren’t on my list, much less any theme […]

Splitting the Pear and Peek-a-boo Spring

With the upcoming splitting of the Traveling Pear fast approaching (its a good thing no worries)  we’ve recently made a dash to the country so the Chef can see family before he embarks on his next grand adventure as a newly reinstated member of the United States Coast Guard.  We will definitely live up to our name […]

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