Falling into Vermont

I’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been ten months since I last posted and jump right in….


We’re loving our new home in Vermont!

It was only recently, that I learned a little tidbit about the state we now call home.  Vermont is known as the green mountain state (that was known), and was first claimed by explorer Samuel de Champlain for France in 1609.  It’s name is derived from the French words, vert for green and mont for mountain.  Though the mountains I see off in the distance from my porch take on more blueish/purple hue.  Guess it depends on the time of day.

Vermont’s maple syrup production is the highest in the US.  As a consequence of being surrounded by maple syrup, our consumption is the highest its ever been too.  Instead of sugar, its maple syrup.  Maple syrup in our coffee or tea, on toast, on bacon in kolaches.  Just eating by the spoonfuls…Every. Day.   We’re eager to tap our grand maple when the time comes.

Autumn arrived rather late, or so it seemed to us.  The leaves weren’t really “popping” as everyone had said they would around the end of September.  That, and the temperatures reached near 90F for a few days!   The Chef’s Mama had come from Texas to see the spectacle and was left rather disappointed.  It wasn’t until we had a few frosty mornings that the trees finally decided to put on a show.  This came literally hours after the Chef’s mother’s plane took off bound for Texas.  Within a day after she left, we began to see the most brilliant display of red, orange and yellow trees.  I took a walk one day down our dirt road to see what I could capture with my lens.

These were taken just a few days ago, yet the leaves have already turned even more vivid colors since then.  I feel as though I can’t get out there enough! Just simply overnight they transform.


And a little recap of summer:

Strawberry picking at Hartshorn Organic Farm.  Little Pear was over the moon with all the strawberries.  Handfuls over handfuls into her mouth.  So much so, that her fingers and face were covered with their sweet red juice.   We’ve also had many raspberry and blueberry picking trips up to our neighbor’s garden that was documented via Instagram.

Hopefully it’s not spring before I post again, but just in case it is….I leave you with these photos of our late spring blooming wildflowers.




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