Pear Who?

We’re a dynamic “pear” for sure–a historian of French history and one amazingly talented Chef. We moved from the shores of the Texas Gulf Coast to the cobblestone streets of Paris to the hidden gem of a state they call Maine–and we’re not done yet!
Join us as we blog about our home state of Texas, the experiences we cherished in Paris, our quaint life in Maine and other randomness that just pops up…like fluffy white sheep and medieval latrines.

Elissa… daydreaming 18th century-loving-princess who is passionate about history, traveling, brilliant cuisine, laughter, saving orcas, beautiful peonies, horses, black-faced sheep, rolling green hills, chateaux, tulle skirts,  her beloved Canons, a guy named Matt and her beautiful baby girl Ella.  Elissa can also be found on her “new” French history site:  or her photography page:

Matthew aka “Chef”… talented culinarian with an incredible amount of optimism and zest for life.  Adores a smooth craft beer, his vintage cowboy boots, a sharp knife, Texas BBQ, kolaches, farm chores, classic cars, gentle seas and his two princesses: Ella and Elissa.

 See us in the June 2013 issue of DownEast Magazine– Maine! 

DownEast Magazine

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All rights reserved.  All imagines herein are the copyrighted work of the photographer.  No unauthorized use, or any form of reproduction is allowed.  Please ask permission for use.

21 thoughts on “Pear Who?

  1. So Totally Awesome!!!! I can’t believe I’m reading about my son and daughter-in-law. I am sooooooo proud of the two of you!!! All My Love….

  2. Creative,cute and newsy. You two should be in marketing! Set your goals, do your homework, stay focused on making things better in the world, work hard, pray lots, and make your dreams become realities!

  3. Hi! I found you through the Couwgirl Chef site. My husband and I are moving to Paris in April. We’re foodies and my husband Mark is into photography. We’re actually flying out of Houston in April (my parents live in OKC) so we might have to try the restaurant you/your husband? is working at there.

    • Wow! We will need to meet up when we get to Paris in June. So I guess you will be staying overnight in Houston? You may need reservations for the restaurant, not sure though. Just check the website. My husband is doing an internship there for one of his culinary classes and might be done by April. What are you and your husband going to be doing in Paris? I just read your blog and it seems we are on the same track in life…except we aren’t bringing our little dog or our household contents. Maybe once we get there and settle we will ship them! Let’s keep in touch!

      • Now that I think about it, we probably won’t be able to visit the restaurant – it’s probably not dog-friendly (sooo looking forward to not having to worry about that!) We are going to get certified to teach English. My husband has left his law career, I “retired” 5 years ago from TV production, so this is a whole new world for us. Mark is an EU citizen – he’s originally from England, so we don’t have to worry about work visas (just finding jobs!) Mark is also an amateur photographer who would like to go professional and now he’ll have the time to pursue that. Send me your email so we can get together after you arrive!

  4. What a terrific blog, I cannot wait to go have lunch at Phillipe’s and meet Matt of course I hear so much about both of you from Patty.

  5. So, Little Cousin Matthew Shaw & Bride with passports in hand?! C’est magnifique! Paris is undeniably a magical spot to discover and adventure! I enjoyed my time there immensely. My particular metro favorites are Renzo Piano’s post-modern, high-tech Centre Georges Pompidou (which houses the Musée National d’Art Moderne) {Place Georges Pompidou in the vicinity of Châtelet-Les-Halles, Hôtel de Ville , Le Marais} and the former glass and steel railway station (built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900) now repurposed as the Musée d’Orsay {62, rue de Lille}.

    Congratulations on the very smart web presence! There will be much anticipation for the exchange and dialogue you two will share in this (virtual) tag-along.

    My Very Best Wishes to You Both for an Unforgettable, Magnificent Journey!

    Au revoir, bon voyage . . .

    (Thank you to Elizabeth, who passed along your calling card!)

    • Yes, we have visas–that was a process in itself! I’m just accompanying my husband, so I have a long stay visa. My husband, who is a student, has the right to work. Moving to France was a decision that took us many many years–then getting everything ready to do it legally took another year!! To do it right takes time. You could move here as a student–that’s probably the easiest way.

  6. I have finally found time to read your blog and it is truly enjoyable and inspirationable (is that a word?). I love your writing style, how come you never taught writing???? Looks like you and Chef have found your grove and are settling in nicely. Can’t wait to read more about your new surroundings and interesting takes on Paris.
    I will miss your smiling face this year at school, that fourth grade pod will never be the same!!

    • Oh thank you Alice! I sure miss everyone…but Paris and France as a whole is a wonderful adventure, experience and adjustment. We have already learned so much and have come to appreciate our home more than ever. Being in a foreign country has its perks and drawbacks. I don’t regret one thing–however I realize now how good we really have it in the US. Who knows..we may be back come next May—we’re tossing up some different ideas about what we can do once we return.

  7. Elissa thanks so much for all the blog love! I couldn’t resist a blog all about Paris, food, and the most famous French woman who I share a name with :o) Besides, that blog name of yours is quite unique!

  8. OMG You just rescued my dog, Duke. Someone opened the side gate – while my friends were playing a charity golf match and I (and spouses) were cheering them on.
    When we turned into the drive and saw the gate open, my heart sank. And then you came along and a blonde cocker head popped up and he was home – never realising that he was gone! Thank you so, so much.

    Saying that, we (the group) love to cook, eat and drink (I have a 500+ bottle wine cellar) – could we tempt you to come for dinner?? We’d love to thank you in person and have some fun!

    Hugs, Ruthie (+ Duke)

    PS He gives great licks!

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