Camping, Cakes and Creating Moments

Happy New Year!

It was the year of zero blogging, yet quite a lot of adventures down unexplored paths. Just no time for writing about it.

  These paths led us into nature from the comforts of “The Traveling Pear Pod”, aka a Forest River Rpod.  The Chef took a path into baking that led to our small kitchen being covered with fondant, buttercream and gum paste for days which morphed into a new side business called Shaws Cakes and Confections.    Finally, we took paths that led us to create unforgettable moments for this little family of three, most of which weren’t documented by a camera.

Time just doesn’t permit me to blog daily, or even monthly like I once did.  Those were the days before parenthood and daily routines with a four year old.  While I sometimes long for all that time to write, it’s not what my soul craves at the moment. Until the path leads us in a direction where blogging picks up again, here’s The Traveling Pear’s Year of 2019…

Camping, Cakes and Creating Moments

machester california beach

Manchester Beach, California

camping with rpod California

A campsite at Eastman Lake, California. Our first time dry camping.

machester beach california

Manchester Beach, California


casini ranch California

Russian River at Casini Ranch

Hwy 1 California Pacific Coast

Somewhere along Route 1

Armstrong National Park

Armstrong Redwoods

Shell Beach California

Shell Beach, California


Shell Beach California

Shell Beach, California


Princess and Frog Cake

Princess Tiana Cake

The Greatest Showman Cake

The Greatest Showman Cake

bumblebee cake

Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake


shell beach


Said goodbye to Kitty after 19 years.


photo credit: Landrum Studios


Happy New Year 2020 and Happy 9th Blog Birthday!



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