Finding your Charka in the Texas Hill Country

How does one find that inner “life force”?  Go get lost in nature.  A good recharge of the soul requires an escape….to the hills of Texas.

Nestled along an old stagecoach route which ran between San Antonio and the western forts of the 1850s, there lies in the present century, a gem of a B&B—Tres Lunas .  It’s a mesh of new age, mediation and relaxation coupled with the theme of a Mexican hacienda situated amongst a Texas landscape.

It was my kind of place…the parents were worried yoga at sunrise would be mandatory.  Dad kept saying he didn’t know if he could contort his body around for downward dog much less child’s pose.  Mom would have been game, I think.  However, I assured both that yoga was strictly optional, though if I had been with my yoga talented friend Karen Liwag it would have been on!

Lord knows there’s an immense amount of choices when it comes to staying in well appointed accommodations in the Texas Hill country, but this honey of a find is more than your run of the mill B&B.  Owners Craig and Carol Conlee have years of experience in the hospitality industry.  They were the developers of the 7F Lodge in  College Station, Texas–another resort that looks downright serene.

So here’s a look at the “upscale escape into the middle of somewhere, centrally located between Fredericksburg and Mason, high on a hill in Loyal Valley, with a view that reaches so far some folks say you can almost see the future.”  —Tres Lunas 

Una Luna...private cottage for the night

Cocoa Luna--Chocolate shop in Mason, Texas also owned by the Craig and Carol and run by Bridget Langdale...another new friend!

Tres Lunas  B&B & Dinner

325.347.6480  or 325.347.7758

VRBO Listing:

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