What’s Your Christmas Wish?

Snow falling on Christmas is said to be a Christmas wish.  Growing up in Texas, I experienced just one…in 2004.  Records show one doesn’t usually experience a white Christmas in Texas unless you found yourself alive in 1895 or 2004.  So if you’re lucky to live until your 100 or so, you could see two in a lifetime, given you don’t lose your memory and forget.  Hmm…I might actually have a chance if I keep up my good health.  ha!

Even here in New England, it may or may not happen, or so we’ve been told by the locals.  That’s not the case this year! It’s looked like Christmas outside for the past two weeks, with snow falls of well over two feet.  The evergreen trees are covered with snow, so as to look like they’ve been heavily dusted with powdered sugar.  We’ve had gray days with short periods of dotted sunshine.  When the sun’s rays find their way through the thick clouds, it’s almost blinding, as the reflection off the snow covered terrain brightens everything it touches.




And so we’ve been seeking out every opportunity to experience this magical time of year here in Vermont.  We found our way to Peacham in the Northeast Kingdom for a sleigh ride with Pete the horse and his owner Thomas Galinat from FoxFire Revival Farm.

We had visited Peacham in September in search of the beautiful fall foliage colors, as the village is named one of the most photographed towns in all of New England.  We however missed the fall colors but found a darling cafe that served Kolaches of all things! It was well worth the drive, as we had the Kolache queen herself with us, the Chef’s Mom.  In fact, it was actually the Chef’s mom who suggested the sleigh ride.  It’s one thing she’s always wanted to do, yet being from Texas where it only snows every 100 years, it’s been a little difficult.  We hope to make her wish come true while we’re living here.

Which leads me to this year’s Christmas wish.  Now that we’ve been granted the magical white Christmas, what could one possible wish for?  I could name countless things I’d like to wish for this Christmas, but just one thing comes to mind.  FAMILY.  I wish for FAMILY.  We always seem to find ourselves so distanced from them.  It’s the holidays that bring out that longing for Christmases past, where the only distance you had to go was a few miles to the grandparent’s house.  Possibly one day, hopefully more frequent than a Texas snow, we get that Christmas wish granted.   What’s your Christmas wish this year?


Merry Christmas, Happily Holidays



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