Splitting the Pear and Peek-a-boo Spring

With the upcoming splitting of the Traveling Pear fast approaching (its a good thing no worries)  we’ve recently made a dash to the country so the Chef can see family before he embarks on his next grand adventure as a newly reinstated member of the United States Coast Guard.  We will definitely live up to our name because for the next 4 years and maybe even 20, we’ll have the opportunity to experience many new states, cities and beaches across the continental US!  That even means Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Porto Rico! He leaves next week for 12 weeks of training in California–and then the real adventure begins.

a greenhouse of by gone era Park Hotel Tuleta, Texas

So while the Chef is at play on the northern coasts of California, I will be living the relaxed life in the country.  The songs of the migrating green jays will be my alarm clock and the howling coyotes will sing me to sleep 😉  I actually like their call–reminds me of my childhood on our farm near Waco.  I’ll be home with my Momma and Dad, at what I like to call the Chateau du Park or The Historic Park Hotel in Tuleta, Texas.  It really doesn’t get any better than that!

1 of the 4 Season statues that Dad loves to back over with the truck

The first signs of spring are beginning to peek here at home.  Mom’s mountain laurel bush is in a full bloom of purple and has an aroma of grape jelly!  Only a few big leaf periwinkles have started to bloom in the front garden.  The Chef happened to find a peach tree putting on new buds at the front of the property.  I can’t wait for the blue bonnets to pop out, they’re always in abundance and beautiful.   A few years back Momma was featured in the local newspaper for having the first one of the season.

And finally my cutie pies (bees) are coming out of their hibernation and gorging themselves on the first blooming buds of the season, as are the butterflies and many more winged darlings.

check out the pollen build up on her legs

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to post as spring sets in and life in the country becomes my new home once again…that is until Paris calls in April! More to come …



6 thoughts on “Splitting the Pear and Peek-a-boo Spring

  1. Just read this. Had an idea of what was going on through FB, but wasn’t totally sure. I miss a lot of stuff. Good luck and lots of love! Excited for you both. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. Especially love the bees and giggled with the notation of your dad backing over the Four Seasons statues – cute. Arrived via Parisienne Farmgirl blog to say hello. Best of wishes, ~Tracie

    • Hi Tracie! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Yes, my Dad had a way of catching that little angel with his truck tire. Mom had enough of it so now there’s a flag with a bell attached. So far it’s worked! No more tire tracks across his little head.

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