After three failed camping trips due to California wildfires, we set out last Wednesday for the majestic Yosemite National Park.  With our park pass in hand (had to wake up at 7 am on Sept 1st to log into the parks system just to get)and our little Rpod travel trailer hitched to the back of our Chevy, we set off for three days of adventure.  Thanks to Covid (is that even ok to say?) Yosemite was operating at 50% capacity which made it even more enjoyable.  No traffic to get stuck behind, wildlife out in full spectacle and the best aspect…no crowds! We actually had the ability to enjoy nature without hoards of people and their ridiculous selfie sticks.  It was glorious.  I don’t think the Chef or I have ever witness such remarkable landforms in our entire lives.  I know the little pear hasn’t seen such wonder in her five years of life. No wonder Ansel Adams made Yosemite his greatest inspiration for his life’s work.  While we escaped the smoke in Sonoma County, we did run back into in Yosemite.  The landscapes weren’t as vibrant as I had hoped, but instead cloaked in muted tones of gray.  Nonetheless, still impressive.

Here’s the beauty we enjoyed over our four short days…

El Capitan

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams with these… Half Dome

Half Dome on right and North Dome on left.  Native American legend has it that these two were once a couple who didn’t get along.  The spirits had enough of their bickering and turned them to stone.  And so, they face one another for eternity.  Yikes!

Spotting the brave climbers scaling El Cap… who knew that it could take weeks to climb!

Always a sucker for classic cars.  Pointed my camera out of the sunroof for this one!

The lack of people was a tad eerie. The campgrounds were at 50% occupancy with this section completely closed.

Until our next adventure,



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