Staying Packed

Over the course of the last two months my suitcase has had its fair share of bumps and bruises.  Over 8k miles just between December and February alone.  That’s what happens when you take a Texas gal out of the Lone Star state and plop her down on the iceberg coast of Maine 😉  (just kidding..I actually […]

Year of Tour Eiffel

Winter. Snow. Eiffel Tower. Sounds magical right? Ever experience the Eiffel in Winter? Nope…neither have we.  If you said yes, then you’re a lucky one! We’ve seen her in Autumn when the days gradually grow shorter and gold leaves tumble in the breezes beneath her.   In early Spring when she towers ever so slightly under […]

où êtes-vous

paris postcard

Où êtes-vous? I ask, where are you? On a warm tranquil beach, azure waves lapping at your feet?   Possibly you’re lost in a gaze, entranced by a glittering iron beauty they lovingly call Tour Eiffel?  Maybe you’re winding your way through a castle’s labyrinth of corridors searching for that one hidden door–a door surrounded in myth–that […]

Reblogged: Versailles A Private Tour

Want to experience the Hidden Versailles?  here’s a peek on how its done. Versailles: A Private Tour  by Marie Z. Johnston More than 70 million people visit Paris each year. That’s a lot of people.  Of that, only 3 million venture out to the Chateau of Versailles (one million in July alone!) making the odds of sharing […]

From Montmartre to a glass of sweet iced tea…finding a southern classic in Paris

sugarplum cake shop Paris

You are probably wondering what Montmartre and sweet iced tea have in common, right?  They actually have nothing in common unless of course you were in the company of the Traveling Pear a year ago.  Here it is…the commonality of Montmartre and sweet iced tea.  The Chef and I had been in Paris for exactly 68 days […]

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