Year of Tour Eiffel

Winter. Snow. Eiffel Tower. Sounds magical right?

Ever experience the Eiffel in Winter? Nope…neither have we.  If you said yes, then you’re a lucky one!

We’ve seen her in Autumn when the days gradually grow shorter and gold leaves tumble in the breezes beneath her.   In early Spring when she towers ever so slightly under a blanket of grey & rain.  And finally in Summer when tourists swarm her like cut ants on a rose bush.  Not the most idyllic of images, but that’s the poor gal in the Summer.

  I image she’s even more majestic clouded by a haze of glittering snow…maybe this will be the year of Tour Eiffel in Winter.

For now I dream…

eiffel globe


framed eiffel tower

Totally something the Chef and I would do.

Totally something the Chef and I would do.

{La tour eiffel sous la neige}

eiffel tower as snow white

{Little Pieces of Light}

eiffel snow globe ring

Why don’t I own this???

{Winter in Paris Globe Ring} 

eiffel and carousel


Or instead of dreaming I can layer up in a coat, scarf and mittens, walk out the front door and gaze upon her myself! Yes, there admist the bustling traffic of Rockland, Maine is the *Snow* Iron Lady herself…

snow sculpture of the eiffel tower

Made especially pour moi by the uber talented Chef!

I know, I know…it kinda resembles a pizza oven (our friend’s first thought) or maybe a missile?  Another guess we heard.  You wouldn’t believe the gazes, gawks and stares of bewilderment we received while construction was taking place.  Our neighbor, who also got a little artistic (her creation–Year of the Fish) not far away, was puzzled and a little unsure it would even take shape.  She made sure the pedestrians passing by weren’t confused by its phallic like shape.  She just didn’t want the police to show up…it did take a on rather profane image for a while.  Alas…”Don’t mess with Texas..we’ll get er’ done” thought the Chef.  And so he did!

chef says hi

eiffel in snow

snow fish

So what’s your year going to be?

4 thoughts on “Year of Tour Eiffel

    • I just adore your blog too! Especially the Eiffel Tower Tuesdays. I hope you don’t mind..I borrowed your “Iron Lady as Snow White” and of course linked back to your blog.
      Are you in Paris at the moment? We’ll be there in March.

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