où êtes-vous

Où êtes-vous? I ask, where are you? On a warm tranquil beach, azure waves lapping at your feet?   Possibly you’re lost in a gaze, entranced by a glittering iron beauty they lovingly call Tour Eiffel?  Maybe you’re winding your way through a castle’s labyrinth of corridors searching for that one hidden door–a door surrounded in myth–that leads to a Queen’s jeweled chamber.  While you’re there, we’re here wondering how autumn turned so quickly to winter.

Snow, snow…they are calling for snow tomorrow.  Où êtes-vous?

paris postcard

2 thoughts on “où êtes-vous

  1. No snow yet. But I filled the bird feeder, bought some beets, got some de-icing salt in the wood stack and just generally hope the best. I am in the midst of a pile of dead leaves and got lots of work.

  2. ick, not sure you want me to answer that. I’m in Hermosa Beach, CA. Today’s high will be 61 and that is FREAKIN’ FREEZING for here. I’ve across the street from the Pacific Ocean in a decrepit rental (cheap!) where I can see the winter waves chop up into white caps and the dolphins jump over them, usually in groups of 3 to 5 five, frolicking back and forth from one side of the bay to the other. It sounds nice but I miss the New England autumns.

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