A stroll through Paris…

A year ago today, the Chef and I took a stroll through the city of our dreams, the city we called home.  Join us as we reminiscence. watched the Bateaux Mouches float lazily along the river Seine discovered the location of Marie Antoinette’s chocolatier enjoyed a sugary cloud of barbe à papa dodged gypsies at the Louvre chased […]

Remembering Paris…Remembering Basilique Saint-Denis

What happens when one half of the *Pear* goes to work and the other gets bored with no history books around? (they are in transport somewhere between Maine and Texas)  They (moi) start dreaming about, none other than *Paris* like that’s a shocker…then dreaming turns into finding something constructive to do…ah..read about French history, add […]

Paris…going beyond the Périphérique

This trip to France was much different than those before.  No longer was I a tourist aimed at seeing everything set forth on a mile long itinerary.  I was a girl coming back to a city that held treasured memories of adventures, places, friends and good times of a life I experienced there with my Chef.  For […]

Eiffel Love…Bokeh Style

I just had to share some of my Bokeh photography I did in the wee hours last night.  Bokeh for those not familiar with photography terminology is an out of focus image or blurred image.  Basically it’s a technique that can produce some really ascetically pleasing images if you know what you’re doing!  Like this one… Now, […]

Dateline Paris 1900: The Astounding Moving Electrical Sidewalk

Originally posted on Parisian Fields:
In 1900, if you were lucky enough to have a ticket such as this one—and almost fifty million people did—you were in for an astounding treat. Paris and France went all out to make the Paris Universal Exposition the biggest and best yet anywhere in the world. Although the Exposition…

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