Eiffel Love…Bokeh Style

I just had to share some of my Bokeh photography I did in the wee hours last night.  Bokeh for those not familiar with photography terminology is an out of focus image or blurred image.  Basically it’s a technique that can produce some really ascetically pleasing images if you know what you’re doing!  Like this one…

Just had to throw in my dear friend the sheep! From Google

Now, please be kind–this is my first time ever trying out this technique and I have SOOOO much to learn.  My Chef thought I had lost it…really.  Here I was with his beloved Canon trying to work the settings,  hanging Christmas lights from random places, turning lights on and then off, moving chairs here and there.

my hearts need refinement

I must have appeared like a real crazy person.  As he sat there pretending to watch a movie I knew he was really anxious to see if I could reproduce what I’ve been reading about on various photography blogs.  He even tried his hand at the technique when my impatience turned to near tantrum! I’m not there yet, but with practice and probably a few tears, I will be! Enjoy what I call “Eiffel Love. ”

need more light but it's a start

Deux Eiffel and Moet Champagne chair for a fairy!


this is just plain craziness...I don't think its considered Bokeh either.

To see some really brilliant Bokeh photography just Google it and you’ll be amazed at what some can produce.

6 thoughts on “Eiffel Love…Bokeh Style

    • Yes, basically you cover the lens with a dark piece of construction paper that has a shape cut out of the middle. I’m actually thinking about buying a Bokeh kit. They come with many different shapes. Or you can purchase from a craft store cut outs that are usually used for scrap booking. Thanks for stopping by!

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