Happy 2nd blog birthday…Welcome 2013

Saying goodbye to the year of transition–2012.  From Texas to Maine.  We look back at our greatest highlights…


crystal chandelier

delighted in a 3 month vacation to the Park Hotel…aka home in Texas with Mom & Dad


took a trip to the vast open plains of West Texas

cadillac ranch

chateau de morsan

became the princess of my very own domain…if only for a moment
photo: marie z. johnston

made new friendships
photo: marie z. johnston

Normandy lamb

learned how to speak the language of Brad the lamb
photo: marie z. johnston

 Versailles A Private Tour

roamed the hidden stairways and private corridors of Versailles
photo: marie z. johnston

Searched for a new home...in Maine

searched for a new home…in Maine

Lobster Thermidor

became acquainted with the local eats

USCG Abbie Burgess

Chef found his new calling

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

meandered to the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse… farthest eastern point in the US

lobster boat races Maine

joined the lobstermen in their annual lobster boat races

sunrise over Maine

enjoyed the first of many sunrises at our new home in the state of Maine…where’s its always vacation time

Photos of Versailles & Chasing Chateaux: Marie Z. Johnston

Adventures of a Shepherdess in Normandy: Stanzes Blabla

4 thoughts on “Happy 2nd blog birthday…Welcome 2013

  1. I’ve liked you on facebook for awhile, but I didn’t realize you had a blog! Wonderful travels, and pictures! I will enjoy following the blog too 🙂

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