Racing a lobsterboat…seriously?

Nothing says “welcome to Maine” better than a day at the races…”Lobstahboat” races that is.  Thanks to our long time Maine friend miss Shafay, the Pear had the chance to experience this good ole boy kind of “downeast” Maine fun!

After years of living near the coast, we’ve had many opportunities to race with sailors before.  Mostly sailboat races, which is a completely different race all together–you have to put a little muscle and calculation in the race.  There’s also the stress of enduring and understanding commands from the captain.  Out here there was none of that chaos!

I wonder if they really know the significance of that flag? This Texas girl does.


This on the other-hand was comparable to a drag race where boys and their toys boats are pitted against one another.  Yes, I called them toys.  However, I also acknowledge they are real working lobsterboats, not really toys…I guess.  Without them where would Maine be?  They do bring in the state’s most valuable resource which earns it the title of Lobster Capital of the World!  So this is their downtime…they deserve it! I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a great afternoon and an experience never to be forgotten!

Another look at the Chef’s new home away from home…Abbie Burgess

Another USCG boat out enjoying the races

the ferry and 3 masted schooner departing the action

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