Wandering Out West

I’m still recovering from our whirl wind of a trip out to West Texas.  Yes, we made another trip…800 miles to be exact.  Mom always jumps at the chance to visit her home town of Old Glory, Texas.  There she can catch up with old friends, her brother and sister in-law, and see the ranch.  Mom’s 400+ acre ranch has been in the Pumphrey family since the 1800s.  My uncle has the other 800+ acres for cattle ranching and farming.  It was because of my mother’s ancestors tenacious spirit we can proudly say we hold a piece of Texas history!

This big stone was where my Momma played with her toy cars and probably mixed mud pies as a little girl! Today my Aunt and Uncle use it as a bench…Pumphrey Ranch

the town of Pumphrey…named for one of my mother’s ancestors

Mackenzie Trail…used to transport cavalry/settlers across the West Texas plains to Fort Sumner, NM. My ancestors (Armstrong and Pumphrey) are listed on the bottom left side for their participation in settling West Texas.

Momma’s hometown…

horned toad lizard found along a cow trail through the pasture…and to think I was wearing sandals out there!

giant gourd plant found along the same cow trail

Dad had the opportunity to buy a 500lb welder/generator from my uncle so, here we went (guess he’s getting ready for 12/21/12…just kidding Daddy I know you’ll find a use for it).  Naturally, I was the designated driver/trailer hauler.  I’m getting some excellent trailer towing skills so when the time comes for the *Pear* to move ourselves…I can tow a trailer…just don’t know what I’ll tow it with! That little 4 cylinder Veloster would probably implode.

When we last visited the ranch, the wheat was just putting on heads and were a dark emerald green.  That’s all faded now and the fields have become oceans of swaying gold.  We caught the unexpected…a thunderstorm which crossed the entire state of Texas (thank goodness) because with it came the most glorious cool weather.

there was a massive thunderstorm in the distance…that we had just traveled through.

As I look out the window while writing this post I can see the last of the thunderstorms as they march their way out east.  It’s really sad, but I can bet this will be it and the dreaded heat and drought of last summer will soon return.  Since the Chef and I will be headed out east I’m thankful to see my beautiful and happy Texas one last time before all turns to a dry wasteland.

Speaking of the Chef…here’s a glimpse into his fun way way out west…California that is! Taking in the local cheese, breads, beer and bands! Tonight he’s out at a local brewery called  

Sure wish I was there! We’ve become beer “aficionados” over the last few months and are always eager to seek out a microbrewery.  There’s so many varieties and it’s sooo much cheaper of a hobby than being a wine “connoisseur”.  I can’t wait to show the Chef what beer I picked up for him in Paris.  Who knew the Parisians had their own brew!

the Chef sent this to me in a text message…I was hoping he would drive it home to Texas…one day.

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