snow silliness


: precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals formed directly from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32°F (0°C)   —Webster  Dictionary.

snow pebbles

b: something that is radical, cool, or otherwise awesome. something that is snow is generally the shit, being top score, bitchin, etc. the word is derived from the fact that snow is generally off the hook in its beauty, power, and pimpery —Urban Dictionary.



absurdity: a ludicrous folly


wicked absurdity

snow+ silliness = precipitation of small white ice crystals that produce a ludicrous folly of radical, cool beauty, power and pimpery…  pimpery, huh?  Let’s go find that pimpery.

whats that outside

a winter wonderland awaits

snow flakes

Look Momma, no mittens! The one and only time it ever snowed during my childhood (circa 1982) in Texas I had all of 5 minutes of radical snow fun because I refused to wear my mittens while building a snowman and was forced back into the house. I admit, I was warned, but the awesomeness of the snow had me mesmerized. What Texan child wouldn’t be? The sight of crystals falling from the sky is epic people. Heck, snow in Texas is an urban legend, or like winning the Powerball. Just doesn’t happen.  So with one huge swoop of Momma’s arms I was nabbed up, taken inside and pacified with a Barbie. It’s Ok Momma, I know it was for my own good…I couldn’t get my mittens on fast enough after this shot! Burr!


sharing the silliness with a local…see the mittens are back on


look who I discovered…a bundled up Chef looking way to suave or is he practicing his Parisian Frenchness

kids in snow

hey kid…our snowman is bigger than yours! nanner, nanner boo boo


I think we’ve found our pimp..ery.


oh no a fallen snowman?


hey kitty..come here kitty


barn wreath

Have any snow silliness of your own?  Do share.

Have any snow follies of your own? Do share.

I believe we’re in for more snow…it’s fallin’ once more and with the constant roar of the snow plows passing by it must be wickedly awesome!

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