glitter and snow

While the Chef was busy shoveling snow hearts in the drive-way (yes, he likes to amuse me like that–he’s a sweetie pie) I figured why not drag out the glitter and sequins to decorate that blanket of white that fell over night .  I’ve decided that snow is one of the most magical solid creations mother Earth can produce.  Until I see the Aurora Borealis and am utterly mystified, snow ranks #1.

Glitter, even though it’s not a direct gift of mother Earth, is #2.  When I was a teacher, my students knew glitter could do no wrong.  I didn’t care if it was spilled, glued or flung into the air…the more the better! dumped an entire bottle of glitter on your desk–no worries just dust it off…makes the classroom sparkle! (the night sweepers hated me I’m sure).  Needless to say a nice portion of my classroom budget went to the replenishment of our glitter supply.  Now that I’m without a classroom and students to enjoy the glitter follies with, I make do with the occasional canvas of white that mother nature provides–outside. There’s no night sweepers at our house.

Hope you enjoy the sparkle!

blowing glitter

hearts in the snow

black LL Bean boots

Throwing sequins

warm hands

magic in the snow

snow kiss

Guess purple peacoat

but…Chef…I’m not cold…let’s go for a stroll

twirl in the snow


glitter kiss


snow heart



twirling in the snow

throwing glitter

Can’t wait to share about our fun day with a certain Belgian named Don.

My favorite folie d’amour has been on my mind lately thanks to a certain shepherdess.

It’s one month until Paris and then it’s Chasing French History time again!

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