kiss your life

Surprises…who doesn’t love a good surprise now and then?  Surprises are like a kiss from life.  They make you feel good inside…happy to be alive.

kiss your life

The idea for a surprise meet-up with a Coastie friend we hadn’t seen since Galveston circa 2011, in the New Hampshire town of Portsmouth was definitely an event we weren’t going to miss. Being from the Lone Star state where crossing the state line usually involves a good 6-8 hour journey, sometimes 10 hours depending on the direction you’re headed, made the 2 hour venture even more appealing.

Portsmouth New Hampshire

Happily reunited after our “surprise run-in” with our Coastie friend, we all wondered about the downtown, tasted the local culinary fare, threw a few rocks at the local bowl-o-rama, wasted a good $10 on silly arcade games, and closed the day with a cold one at the town’s first real watering hole.  Literally, it WAS Portsmouth’s original water well–1600s– it’s now home to 5 or so Japanese koi fish and sits conveniently inside a vintage tavern that at one time was a brothel–whoa, imagine that.


portsmouth new hampshire

window shopping portsmouth

unicorn in portsmouth

snake boots


dogs meeting

radio flyer twins

set table portsmouth dinning


candle stick bowling

If you ever find yourself in Portsmouth, wonder into the Dolphin Striker, lower level and sit at the bar that’s built over the old well.  Watch the spring-fed water fill into the koi pond–you’ll kiss your life when you think about what a pain it must have been to live back then…especially for the madame of the brothel upstairs–yikes!!! Thank goodness I was an 18th century French princess 😉

Ever been to Portsmouth, New Hampshire?  If so, do share your experience…

4 thoughts on “kiss your life

  1. These pictures are amazing! I don’t know if these are SOOC or if they are edited, which in my opinion is a wonderful compliment in itself. EIther way, I love the essence of the place(s) you captured. It makes me feel like I’m there and I’ve never been!
    PS I really want to go now! 😉

    • Thank you Nikki! My images are not SOOC..I wish! I do a little enhancement to them, not much though. Portsmouth is a delightful little city. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to go. Otherwise, I don’t think we would have ever considered it…it was never on our “radar” until now.

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