Braving Nemo to find the Knight & Mermaid

Epic blizzard Nemo couldn’t keep us in.

We braved the howling winds, gargantuan snowdrifts, cracking trees and beastly snow plows to find the Mermaid held captive by the Knight of Rockland.

blizzard Nemo

No sign of them yet.

where oh where is Nemo

sailboats in Rockland harbor  Maine Blizzard Nemo

ice cycles

Rockland Maine blizzard


in good company Rockland Maine

  Will she be set free?  Let’s hope so…she’s gonna freeze to death all naked and such.

mermaid and knight Blizzard Nemo

Would you have gone out in such abominable conditions just to find the pair?  A sight such as these two and the historic Blizzard Nemo…why not?  You only live once.

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