The Overnight Pioneer

This is a post for those who have ever wondered what it might be like to sleep under the stars in a covered wagon.  Totally random I know.  Take a look at this couple and their dog.  It’s The Traveling Pear circa 1900 minus Mr. Kitty–unless he’s sleeping in the wagon 😉

A Man and Woman With a Covered Wagon, Prospect, Oregon,
George E. Nichols, photographer,1913.
American Environmental Photographs, 1891-1936: Images from the University of Chicago Library

I seriously don’t know anyone, well accept my father, who would actually have a desire to sleep in a wagon.  Then again there’s Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman blog who might think a night in a covered wagon with her Marlboro Man would be really neat.

So, considering all that uniqueness it’s no wonder that when I found The Covered Wagon guest house in Mason, Texas I knew it was too out of the ordinary to pass up.  There were even star gazing tubs–yes I typed tubs as in bathtubs–to lay in and watch the big Texas night sky.

What a great idea! If only one could find that many antique bathtubs lying about.

For your own overnight pretend pioneer experience in Mason, Texas contact the innkeeper:

The Covered Wagon


4 thoughts on “The Overnight Pioneer

    • Really? I just loved the dog in the picture. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Oh and a super big thank you for yesterday. You made a dream come true for me. That petit chateau and I are somehow connected.

  1. I Love the pics you posted on your blog. My wife & I are here now @ The Covered Wagon and we LOVe it! So Freakin’ Cool. They’ve done a superb job with their place. Glad we found it online.

    • Isn’t it great!!! Be sure to sit in the star gazing stubs! I really miss Texas, but not missing the heat. Enjoy your stay! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Be sure to Like us on Facebook too!

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