Little Independence

I cannot believe I nearly forgot the significance of today’s date!  The history nerd in me should be slapped.  It’s my state’s birthday!  Over 175 years ago today 59 tenaciously spirited men met inside a cold one room building in the settlement of Washington on the Brazos and made a decision that would forever change the course of history.  With a few strokes of a quill *I’m assuming that’s what they wrote with* Texas became a republic and my ancestors of the period created a legacy that my mother and I would come to appreciate many generations later.  As cattle drivers of the West Texas plains and part time legislators, we have them to thank for our place among the Daughters of the Republic Texas and our 400 acre ranch in Old Glory, Texas–yes, there really is a town called Old Glory.

So here’s to 176 more birthdays Texas!

And on another note…the Chef has settled in nicely on the shores of California.  As for me…over the past few days I’ve been creating my own getaway up here on the 2nd floor of the Park Hotel.  I’ve raided my mother’s antique store downstairs for little items that offer me a feeling of comfort since my treasures are now in the military’s safe keeping somewhere in East Texas.

My great-grandmother's porcelain pitcher with my wedding bouquet of dried orchids.

A picture, a vase, a tea cup or two…or three…  I’ve made a little nook where I can write, read or dream away the day.  I can look out the window to the west and think about my dearest Chef…how I miss him.

picture of my sassy grandmother (one with hat) with her 6 sisters..circa 1920s.

I stroll through the yard, camera in hand to capture the first blooms of spring.  Sometimes I run with the dogs other times I sit and just listen to the birds.  Life at home is actually a blessing–no worries, no major responsibilities other than feeding the cat, and no alarm clock.  That does mean no job, but it’s OK.  Money can’t buy what I’m getting to experience.  It makes you stop and think—-When as adults do we ever get the chance to return home to the ones that love us the most and simply live each day without a worry in the world ?    Many can’t say they have.  It’s going to be a priceless 3 months!

3 thoughts on “Little Independence

  1. Great pictures! I love the pitcher. Is it Limoges? I have some pieces from my grandmother that I treasure. Enjoy this peaceful time in your life- it will go by fast, I’m sure.

  2. Love your special touches, so quaint and so you!!! Pics are great and yes you are so very fortunate to have this time to totally enjoy!!

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