Just a quick look over our extended summer sabbatical in Paris…enjoy!

i could stare at this building all day…check out it’s history here: AU ROCHER DE CANCALE


a street market by the Bon Marche… shiny olives!


oldie but goodie


sausage and bread…yes


endless bowls of things i cannot pronounce…and we ate it all

window to the Loire–Chateau du Portail 


fascination with the metro…in search of the ghosts

date with a fairy tale

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Hi, Elissa, and thanks for following my blog. I see that, like me, you’re a history freak. Some great Paris photos on your blog – I must get there again soon. Do I understand that you’re back in the States? Do you plan to come back to France? I look forward to following your adventures, wherever you are.

    • Yes, we are back in the US, but will return to France sometime in the distant future. Our love affair with her isn’t over, just placed on hold for a little while! We made some really great friends there. I actually happened upon your blog yesterday because I am researching what life was like in France during WWII and found your post about the French Resistance. I have a research paper due next week and am frantically trying to find information. Thanks for stopping by!

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