Passing through the halls of life…

Yes, it’s been a while since our last blog.  Life seems to throw you in really far flung places at times.  The “Pear” wasn’t just flung, but hurled from the pages of our Paris fairy tale back to into the wilds of a Texas drama.  It was somewhat a path we decided on while still in Paris, but once we arrived the little monsters of this story book came out to give us quite a scare.

As our Paris and Texas family knew, we had returned to begin what we thought might be and does still have the potential to be, a viable business opportunity, however that door quickly slammed shut when the realities of yet again–LIFE–decided to play its hand.

Also, thrown into the mix, the devastation of death.  Our precious buddy of 11 years suddenly and unexpectedly decided his time here on earth was through, and left us one early morning in October just 11days after we returned and coincidentally 218 years to the day my dearest Marie Antoinette’s life ended…interesting?  I like to think she’s watching over him for me and showering him with hugs and kisses, as she too loved small dogs.  The passing of our Bailey boy left a hole so big in our hearts, that even father time might not be able to fix it.

So to pass the time and heartache of losing our friend and the life we left in Paris, we decided enough planning, let’s just begin living and see what happens.  We took trips to see friends we hadn’t seen in years, spent quality time with family, helped with various projects, sampled some wonderful Texas food, all the while thinking about our next move.

Passing through Central Texas

Without plans, or rather–jobs–it’s amazing to think how many possibilities are really out there.  Never before have we been in the position to just GO.  There’s one thing that the Chef is amazingly good at besides cooking and that’s being positive when life throws really nasty spitballs!

Enchanted Rock

So while we’re passing through the somewhat dim halls of life, dodging little monsters, waiting for the next door to open (a metaphor from our Paris mom Zabie) we’re keeping busy.  The Chef has returned to his Bohemian roots and is now making Kolaches to those who are interested in a sweet treat.  He’s also landed a cool position in The Woodlands.  I’m also thinking of how Paris and I can one day dance again…Maybe my own travel/tours to Versailles, I’ll never tire of her beauty and intrigue…and I’ve got the connections.

Versailles--I shall return...

Baker's Dozen $12

While the Chef and I might have said goodbye to France exactly 222 years to the day after Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette said goodbye to Versailles, we have no doubt we’ll see her again–and no, our heads aren’t going to roll.  The Chef and I look at signs in life such as these with wonderment and think…is there a larger picture to see?  Instead of planning life down to the T, we’re taking each day and reading the signs instead flying on the autopilot we had programmed.

We would like to thank our family and friends who have not only supported our endeavors in life, but encouraged us to live our dreams.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   Our life in Paris was a dream that we can say was fulfilled–now its on to another!

This blog is dedicated to Bailey Villines Shaw–our boogie boy…you’ll be in our hearts forever, until we meet again.

Bisous XOXO

July 30, 2000--October 17, 2011

6 thoughts on “Passing through the halls of life…

  1. I’m so sad that I didn’t get to know you two better while you were here; I still don’t completely understand–are you relocated to Texas now, permanently? You two are lovely creatures and I’m sure that whatever surprises life throws your way, you will embrace with grace. Bisous to you both!

  2. Hi Elissa! I had seen about Bailey’s passing on Facebook (many, many condolences for your loss of your friend and companion), which is where I have been staying in contact with people primarily this month, but I had *no idea* that the move back to Texas was one that was for good!!! Oh wow. I thought you were still here. I guess my head has been too busy with various things here to realize that you were not still in the City of Light. Oh, Elissa — I’m sad we did not get to say good-bye. Then again, hopefully it is just “au revoir” eh? 🙂 Best to you and your husband back in Texas, and thank you for being in touch with me while you were here. Bon courage & hope to see you back in Paris one day again soon.

    Be well,

    • Oh I know we left kind of quick and I do regret not saying goodbye. We will return though one day. We made many friends such as yourself- and would love to visit. Thank you again for your friendship! It meant a lot to me!

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