It’s a birthday

The Traveling Pear turns 1 year old!

Whoa…what a year!  While writing our first blog 365 days ago and dreaming of spending New Years in Paris (which we WILL DO one day), I couldn’t have imagined then the path our lives would take in 2011.  It was a year of epic moments to say the least.  Fairytale happenings, beautiful sights, welcoming friends from foreign lands, loss, days of tears and heartache, but also reflection and renewal.  If it could be described as a taste–a bittersweet flavor with lingering undertones.  Always there to remember.  We’re grateful for our loving family, caring friends, health, adoring fur ball Kitty and many more gifts of life this past year.

We took a bold leap into the unknown and accomplished our goals despite the setbacks.  Paris was not a regret, but always a good idea, like Audrey said.  It was the first time we took life by the reins and really lived.  Life doesn’t get any better than having your dreams fulfilled.  We’ve learned that if we can dream it, we can live it.   Our proof–a lock with the initials M&E The Traveling Pear 2011, hanging on one certain bridge over the river Seine in the heart of Paris, France and countless memories to cherish.

With 2012 rolling in with the force of a German Panzer ( sorry WWII is consuming my every thought at the moment)  new culinary, travel and history experiences are most definitely to follow.  For once you’ve been bitten by the traveling bug…you’re infected for life.    Soon the Traveling Pear will embark upon a new path in life; a life we already have some experience with and have missed.  Until then, we’re going to sit back and let life just play out however it wishes.  For “life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  Thanks John Lennon and Miss Marie Z for that quote.  It sums up 2011 for the Traveling Pear quite nicely.  So for those of you reading this blog–just know…dreams really do come true.  It just takes a little hard work, determination and above all else…letting go of fear.  Only then will you see what you really can accomplish.  With that the Pear says farewell to 2011 and hello to 2012…It will be year of many new friends, new places and exciting moments!

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