Sixth Blog Birthday

January 1st marked the 6th blog birthday for The Traveling Pear.  A day that came and went like most days as of late.  Our days are filled with just living life with our little pear, and occasional roadtrips.

In June we took a trip to Eastern Oregon and crisscrossed the old wagon ruts of the famous Oregon Trail.


John Day River valley, eastern Oregon



Mount Hood

Our most unique two nights of the trip were spent in the bunkhouse of the Triple H Homestead in the middle of NOWHERE eastern Oregon.  We had no cell phone coverage, television or even a radio for three days, and it was amazing! We dined on farm raised beef, pork, and fresh fruits and veggies.  Even had fresh milk, cheese and butter from the farm to fill our bellies every morning.  Rose and Darrell, who operate the homestead, were the most gracious and accommodating hosts.  Ella even had her first encounter with a pig!


Triple H Homestead



We ventured to the Painted Hills and marveled at the colorful landscapes of mint green, burnt orange, yellows and red.




On route back home we found the most brilliant blue natural pool along the McKenzie River known as the Tamolitch Blue Pool.  A four mile round trip hike along the McKenzie River Trail leads to a point where the river flows up from underground, through a lava flow and forms this incredibly gorgeous, but very frigid crystal pool.





Tamolitch Pool along the McKenzie River

Our vacation ended with a stay in an RV on the outskirts of Bend, Oregon.  Our view of the Three Sisters Mountains was beautiful.


In the fall we returned to our first Pacific Northwest love, the island of San Juan, Washington.  No orca were to be found this trip, as they were forging for food elsewhere, but we encountered many other island creatures, like this Barred owl I spotted from the car window!


And this Humpback along with it’s baby.  Just as exciting as seeing an orca! No, I didn’t spot this duo from the car window too, but from the comforts of Captain Jim’s whale watching boat!


San Juan island is such a magical place.  Just being there feels as though you’ve left the real world behind.  It’s one of our happy places, or mine at least, and made even better when the Southern Resident orcas are present. Until next time…



And now we wait for spring to turn into summer, for once more we’ll be on the move back east.   To the quaint Vermont capital of Montpelier!  The Chef was selected by the Coast Guard to return yet again to culinary school.  This time he’ll be in pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Culinary Arts from the New England Culinary Institute. He’ll be specializing in baking and pastry.

So in six years time, we’ve basically come full circle.  How about that.

2011>Culinary School>Paris>2012Maine>2013Texas>2014DC>2015Oregon>2017 Vermont Culinary School.

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