In less than a year

One year, 365 days.  To some that amount of time is an eternity, and it very well has seemed like that to us in the past.  However, this wasn’t one of those years.  This time last year we had just moved into our Washington, DC, apartment and were settling in for what we thought would be a three year adventure in a city we had never dreamed of living.  Fast forward to today, and our Washington apartment has new tenants and we are long gone…  but with a wee little one in tow.  Little baby Pear made her arrival on May 9th!

baby feet

In less than a year we find ourselves on the move again, to a home we can finally call our very own, in a land we had always dreamed of living.  In less than a year our whole world has changed,  not just our address.  We now have the greatest adventure ahead of us….to raise this little miracle of life we’ve been graciously blessed with, in a land of glorious vistas, winding rivers, snow capped mountains, and beautiful beaches…from which killer whales can be viewed 😉

pacific northwest orca

Quite possibly we’ll love it a little more than Maine???  Did I really just write that?  Only time will tell.  Now on to our new adventure.  Hopefully this one will be a little longer than the last.  We’ll return to blogging once the moving boxes have been unpacked and life settles once again.

Pacific Sunset

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