New Beginnings of Spring

Far too many months have elapsed since the last post, but it’s not because life has become uneventful, quite the opposite.  In fact, with the passing of winter into spring we’ve not only experienced the transformation of the landscapes around us, but we too have a our own transformation taking shape…in the form of a little bundle of joy, set to arrive when the blooms of peonies begin unfolding their delicate petals.  The Traveling Pear will become the The Traveling Trio sometime on or around the beginning of May…a baby girl, we’ll welcome into the world.  Couldn’t have planned a better arrival date…right in the middle of Spring!  The Chef will sure have his hands full now.  Two princesses under one roof! 😉 I see many Marie Antoinette macaroon baking sessions and tulle and chiffon dress-up parties in our future.



maternity photoshoot DC cherry blossoms

DC Cherry Blossoms

DC Cherry Blossom maternity photoshoot

And soon after her arrival,  she’ll have her suitcases packed and ready for a cross country trip to Texas and then…. where the orca whales splash and the Goonies roam.  The western most explored area of the Lewis and Clark expedition… Astoria, Oregon! Yes, we are once again on the move, from the nation’s capital to the rugged lands of the Pacific Northwest.  I told the Chef when we left Washington state in June that I hoped one day we could call the region home, who knew it would be so soon!  Life sure has a way of surprising you.

Join us, as our life is about to get even more adventurous!

pacific northwest orca

Until then, we leave you with the beauty that is DC when in full bloom…

DC Cherry Blossoms Tidal Basin

DC Cherry Blossoms

Jefferson Memorial DC cherry blossoms

Tidal Basin DC cherry blossoms

Washington Monument DC cherry blossoms

DC cherry blossoms

DC cherry blossoms maternity photoshoot

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