The Pacific Northwest Move-In

The Traveling Pear trio is settling in on the northwest coast of the great state of Oregon… we’re living our Pacific Northwest dream.  New home, new baby, new friends, new experiences.  We are undoubtedly counting our blessings.

Our first week as a family, after 80+ days apart, were spent unpacking, shopping for our home, unpacking, decorating, meeting neighbors, unpacking, dinner with Maine friends…yes a little of Maine made it’s way here in the form of my hairstylist.  I’m so lucky!  We took a few days to explore a little of our slice of the PNW (Pacific Northwest).  Exploring with a four month old is a hit or miss and can end quite abruptly, especially when the bottle of milk mommy packed failed to have a nipple on the end of it.  Total mom fail!

Our first real outing/event with our baby pear was the local beer festival, the Pacific Northwest Brew Cup.  The variety of really awesome beers and ciders on tap was the most the Chef and I had ever experienced.  Baby pear must have enjoyed it too, as the ole’ girl happily stayed awake for over 4 hours bouncing away strapped to Chef daddy.

Pacific Northwest Brew Cup

Alaskan Malamute... hands down the biggest dog we've EVER seen!

Alaskan Malamute… hands down the biggest dog we’ve EVER seen!  All baby pear needed was a saddle and she could’ve rode him around the festival!   Note the Chef’s Momma…she came to help with the move-in and get a taste of the PNW.    

After the beer festival we headed to the Astoria Column, which rises 600 ft above sea level and features a hand painted frieze of the history of the area.  Currently it’s undergoing renovations, so we couldn’t actually view the frieze. However, the views of the city of Astoria, Young’s Bay, the Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean in the distance are unbelievably stunning.  I seriously can’t describe in words how awesome and grand the view is.  Much like the views seen from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine.

My lens wasn’t wide enough to shoot the entire expanse…hazy blue-gray mountains afar, and sprawling green valleys in the foreground.  The beautiful blue of the river and far off Pacific.  Incredible.  I would never tire of a view like that.  As I stood there, camera in hand, I had to take a moment to soak it all in before framing my shots.  We’ll have to go back for a Traveling Pear Trio selfie 😉 as Baby Pear slumbered away in her carseat and missed the epic views.

Astoria Column views

Columbia River Bridge Astoria

Two experiences down and many more to come…

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