First Snowfall in the District

There’s a first for everything… a first blog post seven days into the New Year (Happy 4th Blog Birthday to The Traveling Pear) and the first fall of winter’s white fluffy stuff, SNOW! The Traveling Pear loves snow days, a look back at our Maine adventure proves that.  🙂

Chef wasn’t home from work five minutes and he already had a shovel in hand, ready to clear our apartment’s parking lot, sidewalks and front steps…and where was I?  Bundled up like Nanook of the North, messing around with the camera as usual, there for support if he needed…he didn’t need any.  He enjoys shoveling snow…for now.  I’ll ask him again in ten years when we retire to our Maine forever farm and see what the reply is.

Washington DC snow fall

snowfall Washington DC

Shovel away dear, I’m up here if you need me.  


Cleveland Park DC

I look as though I have horns!


This New Year will be filled with many firsts for the Pear… a new adventure debuts sometime in May.  More on that a little later down the road.  😉  Until then… hope your year is filled with good fortune, fulfillment, love and above all else…happiness!  The world needs a lot of that today.




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