Thankful in Maine

It’s exactly eleven hours from our parking spot in DC to the Maine state line.  Because of the somewhat close proximity to our home away from home (we’re from Texas after all and driving eleven hours is nothing 😉 ) we found ourselves loading up the Jeep and heading north…to spend Thanksgiving with our Joyful Coastie friends.  Our first few days were spent in the MidCoast exploring our land, spending time with the folks at Oyster River Winegrowers and making new friends at our 5 star Airbnb, Villa Mojo.

For the first time since we purchased our land, we were able to walk the entire 50 acre perimeter.  At times I thought the game wardens from North Woods Law might have to come rescue us.  We literally have a back section of land covered with Christmas trees so thick and abundant that we will never go without a tree again in this lifetime or the next.  To keep the honest Mainers out, the Chef constructed a makeshift closure across our driveway… in the poring rain nonetheless.  He’s such a trooper.  I’m so thankful for him!

Maine land

We were thankful for arriving in time to catch this sunset.


Our friends at Oyster River Winegrowers launched a new website and added a wine club to their offerings.  We stopped by to snap some photos of the wine, sample some of their new additions and say hello to Don.

Enological All-Stars wine

The wine club, known as Enological All-Stars, will offer only 40 members the opportunity to try some of their creative, experimental, handcrafted wines and ciders that aren’t made in abundance like the others.  We’re excited about the Wildman cider.  It’s been created using local apples from around the area, including a bushel or two from the tree on our land!   If interested in this unique opportunity, visit their new website for details.  Hard Cider

Maine apples

wine making

We found the most amazing Airbnb accommodation just minutes from the driveway of our property.  Villa Mojo is an unbelievable Airbnb.  In fact, it is by far the best Airbnb the Chef and I have ever experienced.  From the warm welcome and hospitality of Jane and David (who are now good friends) to the comfy cozy king size master suite to the oysters and champagne!  It was incredible.  There’s even turn down service with chocolates!  And…the breakfast…oh my.  Crab omelettes one morning to banana pancakes with bacon the next.  Until we build our own BnB, we’re staying with Jane and David at Villa Mojo and so should you…that is if you find yourself in the MidCoast region of Maine!  You’ll certainly be thankful you did!

Villa Mojo Airbnb

Villa Mojo Airbnb

There’s even a gorgeous water view of the St. George river.

Villa Mojo Airbnb

A trip to Maine wouldn’t be complete without seeing our Joyful Coastie friends who live near Bar Harbor.  We spent a few days tooling around there, then made our way in a blowing snow storm to our friend’s family home on a peninsula near Portland.  We celebrated my 35th birthday with oysters, lobsters and cake of course!  In fact, it was a pretty awesome birthday… I’ve always wished for snow and boy did I get a load of it!  The Jeep mastered the slushy mess like a pro with moi behind the wheel.

Maine snow storm

Maine oystersAfter a foot or more of snow fell along with many trees, we lost power…but no worries, it’s Maine and everyone who is a true Maine resident owns a generator or at least should!  With oysters and lobsters on the menu who really cares if there’s power or not! The next morning we awoke to a winter wonderland.


Maine lobster boats

By mid-morning the Chef, my friend Stephanie and her mother had Thanksgiving dinner well underway.  I found a cozy chair to settle into and watched the lobster boats that were anchored just outside the window…feeling truly thankful for our time spent in Maine.


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