Fried Green Tomatoes

Sometimes the Chef and I come up with some rather oddball dinner ideas.  We combine what our taste buds get a hankering for and sometimes those combinations can be rather strange.  Like macaroni and cheese with sausage and kraut paired with a side of guacamole…eaten in no particular order.  Weirdness.

Last Sunday, while walking the isles of Whole Foods, we found ourselves thinking about fried green tomatoes, Cesar salad with fresh corn and pimento cheese crackers! Pimento cheese because as we passed the floor to ceiling cheese isle, I spotted the bright orange stuff and instantly had an image of my childhood flash before my eyes… 10 years old, sitting on the back porch with my dogs, eating the creamy cheese mixture, spread between two slices of incredibly soft Mrs. Baird’s white bread.  I was probably drinking a Pepsi too.

Now that I know what’s in the pre-made stuff, I shy away.  Thank goodness for the Chef.  He knows how to make it.

Did you know that pimento cheese is a Southern thing, also known as Caviar of the South?  Guess that’s why it was a staple in our fridge when I was a kid!

green tomato

fried green tomatoes

fresh corn

the cesar dressing is favorite!

fried green tomatoes

pimento cheese


6 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. I am 99% sure I’ve purchase the cheese at Whole Foods that you and the Chef made at home…or wait. I believe that was a gouda/jalapeño mix…but I think it was prepared the same way. It was delicious though. I never thought to pair them with FGT!

    Great food pics! My dad worked in the cheese industry for 25 years and if there’s one thing he taught me, it’s extremely difficult to make food look appetizing in a photograph. Nicely done!

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