Cute cotton ball with legs…the Frizzle chicken

Have you ever seen a walking cotton ball?  No?  Me either…but I’ve seen something pretty darn close! A cute little chicken, known as a Frizzle with curled feathers.  She and I had a close, yet cheerful encounter this past weekend when the Chef and I escaped to the countryside of North Carolina to visit some of our Coastie friends.

Check out this frizzled ball of cuteness.

Frizzle chicken

frizzle chicken


She’s thinking… “you called me over here and you don’t have anything to eat…I’m outta here chick.”  Heading back to the gang.

frizzle chicken




And isn’t this guy gorgeous.  A Lavender Orpington Rooster.

Rooster with frizzle chicken


This Ameraucana hen became intrigued with the camera.  Aren’t chickens funny creatures?   Sorry, girl…no food here.


Ameraucana  Hen


He looks somewhat French…proud and arrogant.  😉  The rooster is one of France’s national emblems… makes perfect sense, no?

Ameraucana hen and Lavender Orpington Rooster


backyard hens

Goodbye Frizzle…

backyard hens


Oh, just one more pose for the camera huh…

Frizzle chicken


And now you too can say you’ve seen a cotton ball with legs!

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