Happy Valentine’s Day from the Pear

Hope your day has been as sweet as…

cupcake and champagne

a cupcake {from the Chef pour moi}

roses for valentine's day

a bouquet of roses and other lovely fleurs from your beau 

blackberries and waffles

a gluten free breakfast of waffles with blackberries and maple syrup

Belgian horse named Don Oyster River Winegrowers

a Belgian horsey named Don {the power behind Oyster River Winegrowers}

making a snow cave

a day of play in a snowcave with your other-half

red dahliasa field of red dahlias

Latin Quarter Paris

a stroll down this Parisian street with your one and only

above the clouds a flight to any where in the world your heart so desires

Paris street art

a note from your love

Was your Valentine’s Day that sweet?  Sure hope so!


The Traveling Pear

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Pear

    • Thanks for stopping by Janine! Headed back over to your blog to do some more reading. I only got a chance to see that one post about Pictour Paris. Life is definitely good while in France.

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