Christmas in Maine

When we left Maine over a month ago for Texas it was still Fall, now that we or rather (I) have returned it’s instantly Winter.  How did that happen?  Guess I have been gone a month!

 Flying in from south Texas with temps well over 78F, I greeted the cold like a long lost friend.  How can you really get into the Christmas spirit without Jack Frost nipping at your nose?  I do admit though, no matter how mild it is in Texas, it’s where our family is and being without them on Christmas is pretty tough, but such is the life of two “rolling stones” as my parents would say.

So to liven up the mood and celebrate the fact we lived through the 21st to see another Christmas we headed out to some of our favorite Foodie spots.

The Chef and I lunched with fellow blogger Lisa McRee from THE SKINNY at Cafe Miranda.

cafe miranda rockland

Lisa and I met by way of a delayed “near death” flight from Boston to Rockland last Tuesday.  That’s another story all together.

Cape Air

It’s peaceful above the clouds…not so much when coming down.

In the evening we met our Coastie friends for drinks and a post Domesday dinner at the newly opened urban resto/bar FOG.  We all sampled from the small plates menu, had an overabundance of the evening’s drink special…delightfully called a Winter Solstice and laughed the night away.

coastie friends


apple salad





tomato tartare



Maine Street Rockland

Now that I’ve completely finished off the tin of cookies the Chef’s Mom sent, I must get up and do a little Zumba-ing.

Have a joyous Christmas mes amis….

Oh..btw…notice any change in the photos?  These were the very first shots taken with my new Canon 7D.   Amazing camera…I’ve got much to learn!

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