well hello winter…you stayin’ long?

Arriving like an anticipated guest, the first snow was every bit as exciting as we had hoped it to be.  Blowing in with a forceful stinging bite–winter wasn’t the least bit shy at saying hello.

Giddy as two children on Christmas Eve, we paced by the windows and flung open the door with disbelief.   The street beyond our steps disappeared under a pillow of white, our driveway and little car no longer visible.  As the night blanketed the day, our thoughts turned to morning and what fun lay ahead.

Two Texans in awe of the glistening white powder that now erased the color of our golden autumn world.

texas snow

horses in snow

Even the horses were prepared to meet winter.

She didn’t have a name, but we knew she was a she…


snow girl

Oh, hello sweets..Momma loves you too !

snow woman

Maple leaf locks…magnifique!

snow woman

An adorable smile and cute little freckles…what’s not to love?

Has winter greeted you?

5 thoughts on “well hello winter…you stayin’ long?

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