Sorry it’s been a while but this traveling pear has been so extremely busy that life seems to be speeding by without even a yield sign for slowing down! Over a week ago the Chef’s Momma and I blasted off from Texas headed for Maine.  The long journey began as usual, but turned into a rather perplexed affair–a canceled flight from Boston into Rockland due to thunderstorms threw the Chef’s Momma and I for a loop.  However, this girl has traveled enough to know what to do.  Gather your fellow travelers (there were only 6 of us) and make a plan.

A few phone calls later and we were in a van meandering our way out of Boston destined for Maine.  6 strangers (an art enthusiast from NOLA, a teacher from New Jersey, Paula Dean aka Chef’s Momma, moi, and a BBQ sauce toting couple from Memphis and their darling little Schipperke dog named Cappy–needless to say we were all interested in getting to know one another.  3-4 hours later we arrived in Rockland all well acquainted and just in time to catch the sunset.

And so began the week of enjoying Vacationland…

First there was the most amazing dinner at The Pearl restaurant where Chef Michele Ragussis, a finalist on the Food Network Star, cooks up a delicious seaside cuisine…pearls and all! Who knew when the Chef’s Momma ordered the fried oysters she would really find a *pearl*.  Sure enough she did, which surprised us all–including Chef Michele!  Totally like winning the lottery…how lucky.

Next was the Chef’s big affair–the Abbie Burgess’ Change of Command.  In all our 7 years we’ve only experienced one other Change of Command and the Chef wasn’t as involved in that one as he was this time.  Now that his role is to cook for the crew of the ship instead of guide it to shore,  his true talent can shine–and shine it did.  While he did have the help of his galley mate, that LeNotre training came through.  Beautifully carved watermelon fruit bowls and vegetable bouquets. He even tried his hand at creating a fondant buoy cake!

not bad for his first try

We wandered around the coast and even went for a sail around the Penboscot bay on the Schooner Heron which was made famous by the Johnny Depp movie ‘Rum Diary.”  It was “Sanderson’s yacht” which I vaguely remember.  Guess that means I need to watch the movie again!

A sailing kittty!

We ended one day by visiting the historic Beech Hill Preserve with it’s near 100 year old sodded roof rock cottage called Beech Nut and fields of wild blueberries.  From the bay you can see the little house and even from the distant shores of Owl’s Head you can catch a glimpse.

this is the view from the porch of the rock cottage Beech Nut

Of course the Chef’s Momma had to meet the lion who guards the Owl’s Head.

However, the day did come when she had to say good by to Vacationland and return home to the ever so hot South Texas–needless to say she’s already planning her fall trip back to the land of the endless vacation.

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  1. Hi
    So enjoying your blog. You and the chef are very talented! Give us a call and we ca enjoy a glass of wine together? Always remember “friends in need, friends indeed!”

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