A little of this and a little of that…in Texas

Yes, it’s been too long.  The last post was weeks ago.  It’s not that we haven’t got anything to say.  It’s just that one of us has been away.  While the Chef stayed back in Maine and welcomed the arrival of our household things (that had been held hostage for the last 5 months) I jetted off puddle jumped out of Rockland bound for South Texas.

Over the last few weeks I’ve helped my father tidy up our 25ft MacGregor sailboat “We’ll Sea” for selling.  She was the pride and joy of the Chef and I before Hurricane Ike sent her to dry storage in Central Texas.  She’s a darling little sailboat that’s really been loved, but is now too far from the coves and inlets of Maine for the Traveling Pear to enjoy.  She’s currently looking for a new coastal home.

Interested buyers can contact us directly. “We’ll Sea” is located near Corpus Christi, Texas.

I’ve indulged in my favorite BBQ from the legendary Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas outside of Austin.  Sausage and brisket served with bread on a piece of butcher paper–finger lickin’ good ya’ll.  A long neck Big Red soda made with “real sugar” to wash it all down is double yum!

Spent the day with my mother-in-law on the 10th floor of a Texas oil company listening to stories about the current oil boom that’s happening here in South Texas.  Then, later at her hacienda, she  taught showed me how to sew.  I’d still be there if she hadn’t jumped in.  She made the Chef and I some adorable French toile cafe curtains for our kitchen, a skirt for my desk and matching cushion for my chair–all thanks to that addictive site called Pinterest.  These were my inspiration pics:

The Chef isn’t sure about this…just wait until he sees it in action. Slap a skirt on your desk…and viola..no more crap creeping out!

I’ve helped my mother and father clean out the shed, introduced Momma to a new summer beer…the Shandy, picked figs, cooked figs, ate figs till my tummy said no more figs, walked the 4 legged friends outside, played with kittens, cuddled with Mr. Kitty and watched an afternoon of sunshine turn into an ominous electrified thunderstorm.


Sheba and her fur babies

Mr. Kitty longs to be free…

Of course a trip home wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Amish, this time to pick up a home decor piece.

That black and white cowhide rug I’ve seen popping up all over design blogs will finally make its way to my living room.   My PETA friends will be mortified…I’m sorry, it’s all Pinterest’s fault.  I’ll make it up one day when I have that sheep and lamb sanctuary.

The inspiration pics:

 It’s  back to “Vacationland“aka “Maine” next week.  It really is Maine’s state slogan–posted all over their license plates.  To think we’ve found ourselves living in such a place.  Life works in mysterious ways.  However, it doesn’t mean we’re on an everlasting vacation (though I’d like to think that) work really does take place.  The Chef feeds his Coastie crew while I have a degree to finish and articles to write for the Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine and Belle Inspiration.  Until then…

How’s the sun-filled, ice cream licking, watermelon slurping, sunbathing, waterbaby season unfolding for you, wherever your silver bullet is parked?

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