Paris and her medieval latrines…a stroll with the Pear a year ago today.

Like most of our Paris adventures this one started out kind of silly–

Moi to the Chef:  ” So how about we go find Paris’ oldest toilets today?”

 If only one could have seen the expression on my Chef’s face at this suggestion—priceless–almost like I had asked him play 18th century dress-up (something he secretly thinks is quite fun).

 I could tell he was somewhat intrigued.  So off we went–Line 4 metro from Vavin to Etienne Marcel in the 2nd arrondissement.

A stroll down rue Etienne Marcel and there it was–the 15th century tower which holds Paris’ oldest latrines (toilets).  We climbed the spiraling stairs and voila…covered in velvet and free of any signs of medieval vapors–looked like a royal toilet to me.

inside the vault of the staircase…almost there…only a few more steps!

Unlike most medieval potties which led to the outside, these had a kind of indoor plumbing–central ducts led to a pit in the basement.  They were also located on the wall that backed up to the fireplaces, which made them heated! Really luxurious for the 15th century.

So…can you guess the name of this medieval dwelling?  It was the hideaway of one big chicken…that is until they forced him out in 1419.

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