Eat…for Pete’s Sake

No we usually don’t need an excuse to go out to eat, but yesterday we had a really great reason to.  Pete, a local rescue still awaiting his forever home, and countless other fur babies was the cause…and why not?  New town, new food!  Last night was an “Eat for Pete’s Sake” annual fundraising event all across Knox County to aid the local Human Society.  We decided if we couldn’t rescue a four legged buddy, we could at least eat for one.

Our resto of choice…In Good Company, which offered a charming, relaxed atmosphere coupled with a certain European flare…totally our kind of place.  Not to be forgotten–the full bar with it’s abundant choice of wines and beer, many of which come from Maine.  The Chef was pleased, as it offered many seasonal items, a large tapas menu and other regional dishes.   We’ll be going back for sure, if not to eat for Pete’s sake, but to simply enjoy the company.

In Good Company, 415 Main St. Rockland, ME    

Human Society of Knox County

3 thoughts on “Eat…for Pete’s Sake

  1. Have a great time living in Maine, Elise! We just came back from a trip up to see friends in Camden. We lived on the prettiest little farm in Lincolnville for 15 years, and spent a lot of time in Rockland and Rockport. I used to sell my flowers to the cooks on the schooners every Saturday morning in the season. Your husband is one of those cooks now, n’est-ce pas? My friend Janet is the assistant Harbor Master in Camden Harbor. Go introduce yourself, and have a chat. She is a hilarious and marvelous woman! Rockland and Belfast have really spruced up, and you will love the Farnsworth and Maine Photographic Workshop. People are so nice up there, and it’s a wonderful spot for a young couple. Best wishes to you!

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