Mango Chips

Yesterday was brutal…and I do mean brutal.  90+ degrees and unbelievably humid.  I thought we had escaped the inferno of summer when we left Texas.   Apparently we’ve been discovered by mother nature.  Why houses don’t come with A/C up here is beyond me…global climate change isn’t a made up movie plot! Get with the program.  If it continues Lowes will see me coming for that portable A/C unit.  Dad phoned and said why wait? Go get it, NOW!

Until then, I’ll make it through, much like I did yesterday after the Chef arrived home and made a summer inspired delight that quickly zapped the heat annoyance right out of me.  Mango chips with a sprig of mint and a strawberry…who knew such things existed.  When asked where he got the idea he confessed to having made them as a garnish for a pork dish everyday when he worked for Hubbell & Hudson.  News to me…why didn’t he come home and make them then?  Maybe he was mango chipped burned out??? Understandable.  I didn’t ask, I just let him do his thing.

 Yesterday he was in the mood for sweets as he had just made these two chocolate mousse pies for the crew of the Abbie Burgess.

everything you see is made from scratch…unbelievable!

Spoiled crew no doubt!  Thank goodness I’m not on that boat…it would be circa 2002 all over again.  The year when the Chef had his restaurant , Holly Road Cafe, and I gained my freshman 15lb.  Funny thing…I wasn’t a freshman but a senior.  There were no excuses, I just sampled everything he and his momma created…and LOVED IT!

So here they are.  Super simple to make and easy on the hips.

Slice a mango really thin (the Chef used a gadget I bought for him while in Paris in April from this guy at the Marché Biologique Raspail.  It’s like a tiny mandoline).

See the red thing lying next to the zucchini..that’s it. Awesome gadget for a Chef…as are the scissors.

Take the slices and dip them in a sugar water syurp and bake until they look crispy.  I have no idea what the temperature is supposed to be set at.  Nothing too high or too low, just watch that they don’t burn.

We shared our mango treats with our new friend Michelle D. who lives downstairs.  A nice break from a day of heat exhuastion for me, and a friendly welcome home after work for her!  She found us panting away on the front porch…we had just tried to do a 2 mile run.  I can’t stress TRIED hard enough.  The humidity nearly killed us!  Please pray the heat ends and the cool Maine air returns.

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