Traveling Pear is Published…It’s No Joke!

I know, I know it’s April Fools but it’s no joke…the Traveling Pear has been published in a real life super chic magazine!  I knew one day it would happen.  Just had no idea when that would be.  I’m so excited to be a part of this project.  It’s the type of magazine that blends my interests of French history, Parisian society and country living into one adorable publication.

So if you haven’t subscribed yet, hurry up and do!  You won’t be disappointed.   Where else can you find eloquently written articles and beautiful photographs about French chateaux, raspberry tarts, Parisian markets, spring fashions, French textiles and farmhouse design all in one place??? No where! And that’s just a few of the many themes captured in this month’s magazine.

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4 thoughts on “Traveling Pear is Published…It’s No Joke!

  1. Felicitations! That’s fantastic. I hope the magazine is a huge success. How lucky are you to be able to do something you love (write) about something you love (France)!

  2. Yes, Congratulations! I read your article and it was wonderful! The photos were great, too. Angela and all of you have done a lovely job with this new magazine, and I wish you all great success. [ Ironically, I wrote my first article for the “other” French online magazine which came out last week, too! ]

      • If you click on my name above you will go to my blog Quiddity 2 and you can read about it. It is published by Mimi Bleu. I read that Angela said Mimi was very generous in helping her to get started. They are both marvelous women, both to be greatly admired, and they both do a fantastic job with their magazines.

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