Spring is taking a break

Where has Spring flown off to?  Seriously, it’s almost mid March and I’m bundled up like it’s the middle of January! It was just the other day yesterday that I was running around in Nike shorts and sweating my tail off–today back to sweaters and boots.

OK, maybe it's not Russia cold, but still... image:In2EastAfrica.net

Just before Spring decided to take a break I was actually getting excited about the mild sunny days that lay ahead–so much so I felt the urge to actually make something spring like.  It’s been a while since I’ve really had to cook, bake or think about what I wanted to eat.  My Chef usually covers that area pretty well.  Such a spoiled one I am.  Without him around to whip up something fabulous, the kitchen duty now falls on me…yikes! Since Dad is on a diet of lettuce and more lettuce and Momma with her Big Red soda craze *love ya mom* , someone around here has to bring a little creativity to the plate.  Guess that’s me!  No worries I can handle it.

When the local grocery only stocks about 5 organic items in the entire store you make a point to buy whatever it is.  To my surprise it was a bag of lemons…a whole lot of lemons.

And here’s the creation….semi organic homemade lemonade! Momma’s 1950s juicer worked like a charm.  I even brought out the crystal…yay Spring!  Now if it would only decide to come back.

To all my former colleagues…enjoy your treasured week away from  prison oops…I mean the classroom 😉

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