Home with the Pear…Part I

Home at the Park Hotel

There really isn’t anything better than spending time with the ones you love.  Going home has a way of bringing a sense of appreciation for the little things in life—the cherished moments with family.  Equally nice is the comfort that surrounds home—the no real sense of responsibility (mom and dad take over), unconditional love, soulful cooking, laughter and togetherness.

So for the Easter holiday the *Pear* took time to appreciate those little things by loading up the beloved MINI complete with dog, college homework, laptops and a change of clothes—all in route to South Texas.  Since it’s spring, we knew (or at least hoped) the wildflowers would be doing what they do best—blooming with all their might.  Glorious photography opportunities would await us!  Unfortunately, due to the severe drought that seems to have taken over the state, the spectacle of Bluebonnets, Indian blankets, Bluebells, Coreopsis, Mexican Hats and the always stunning Gayfeathers were missing or rather sparse this year.  To make up for their absence we opted for the next best thing—an array of wild birds.

It took me hours to capture this handsome beauty.

Coral Vine...one of the only flowers blooming.

 My home is a historic Texas landmark–The Park Hotel, which turns 101 years old this year.  It’s also home to a delightful pair of eclectic somewhat vintage classic individuals *my precious parents*.  There’s a large array of antiques–which are for *SALE*–(I cannot stress that word enough), a polar bear like dog (named Bear), an extremely happy loving mutt (named Zoe), a few cats with various names like Peanut and Freckles, and many other creatures and fabulous treasures.  It takes on a museum/menagerie like quality no doubt!

My favorite place on the property—is sitting in one of the many rocking chairs that line the veranda.  Guided by the cool evening breeze- their movement seems to harmonize with the serenading birds that sing their final solos before roosting for the night; tranquility at its finest.  If one is quiet, the sound of the elusive whistling tree duck can be heard over the ranting of a Texas mocking bird.

Yes, those are ducks sitting in a tree.

Next blog….a visit with the Chef’s mother.

3 thoughts on “Home with the Pear…Part I

  1. The article & the pics were GREAT! It reminds me of articles out of Country Living magazine. After reading this blog, I would want to visit the Park Hotel.

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