A 10 Year Journey

Exactly 10 years ago–give or take a few days– the Chef graduated from Culinary Institute LeNôtre for the first time when it was just a certificate granting institution.  Fast forward to present day and he’s back.  A 10 year dream of a college degree was realized today when Matthew graduated from Culinary Institute LeNôtre with top honors as Gold Magna Cum Laude.  While giving his commencement speech the emotion of those years and of a life full circle came flowing back, sensing the humbling journey of the student before them, the audience applauded with a standing ovation.

LeNôtre will always be inspirational for Matthew, for it is where he discovered his role in life– in 2001 and again in 2011.  It was there he was given the tools to make a career in the culinary industry an actuality.  Armed with a steadfast determination and quest to approach each culinary experience as a lesson, Chef Matthew has set his sights on the City of Light…and that means many more adventures are to come.   

Here are a few delights from the reception….

And the celebration continued at Philippe’s Restaurant + Lounge 

A little play with the camera--I'm now taking over as the photog!

Follow the Traveling Pear to see what the Chef experiences in Paris! 

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