Let’s Celebrate!

It has finally arrived…the first day of our French adventure, the first day of a new way of life; the day we planned out many times in our minds yet knew would take years to realize.  Those years have now turned into just hours.  For today is a day of many celebrations.

Not only is it the celebrated day for us to begin living out a dream, but it’s also the day to celebrate the red, white and blue, aka “Old Glory.”  June 14th is known as “Flag Day.” So find your American Flag and display it with pride!

We hold dear our American heritage and are thankful for the blessings our country has bestowed upon us.  For we live and breathe freedom; freedom that has allowed us the opportunity to embark on such a journey.

Students of Oppe Elementary--the last of my teaching career!

June 14th also marks the birthday of my beloved grandmother Ella—who I know will be watching over us like a guardian angel as we make our way across the big blue Atlantic.  There’s no better feeling to have while flying high above the clouds.

So with the celebration of such an eventful day ahead I will say adieu.  We love our supportive family and friends very much and are thankful for your encouragement! We invite you with open arms to come visit us—just bring your own inflatable bed!

We believe this is the beginning of something special—a rewarding experience no doubt; but also understand it will be mentally and emotionally challenging.  Have faith we will return again—we have our little dog Bailey awaiting our return–he will be accompanying us later this summer once all the excitement has settled.

So as “Old Glory” waves goodbye the French “Tricolore” says…bonjour 🙂

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