A Little Champagne

The total train wreck, holy terror of last week came to a fast clean-up and hault Friday night when my best friend of 17 years( who I haven’t seen in a year) showed up on my doorstep.  There’s something about the presence of a long time true friend that can cure the most miserable of moods.  The grey clouds parted and sunshine and singing birds magically appeared in our apartment.  I’m not going into details about last week; those most close to me know it was rather difficult, but like all things, it came to an end.


So who is this best friend of mine?  A girl with the most amazing last name—Kerri Champagne.  Isn’t that fantastic?  However, out of respect for her sweet husband it’s now Kerri Champagne Went.  Yes, her champagne went, but that’s Ok.  We knew how to find it thanks to the Chef.  A little chilled bubbly and some French Orangina and voila her Champagne was back!  We spent the weekend strolling around Galveston with the Chef in tow.  We did a little sunbathing at the beach and fed some seagulls.  Ate shrimp and oysters, headed over to Patty Cakes for some cupcakes, did some shopping at a few boutiques. We did what girls do best—giggle, be silly and try on pretty dresses and such.  Not to mention we had our own personal chef and photographer along for the ride.

The most enjoyable part of the weekend was not the food—though the Chef outdid himself like always—nor was it the champagne or the endless shopping but the enjoyment we had just being together.

The Chef had the idea that I should get my closet organized for Paris.  Who better to help than my fashionista partner in crime!  So there we were two girls with nothing better to do than put together outfits–*bliss*.

Making a pile for *Paris*, a pile for *Storage*, a pile for *Kerri To Take* a pile for *Mom* and a pile to * Ship for Winter.* Since the Chef is also the pack mule when it comes to hauling the luggage around the airport I’ve been limited to only two suit cases—little does he know I’m going to sneak another in at the last minute…hehe.  It must have been midnight when we realized we were getting tired.  At this point we were no longer coming and going from the closet but found ourselves sitting in a mass of shoes with clothes hanging on either side of us.  Our laughter and giggles had turned to yawns and sleepy eyes.  The Chef was so entranced with Kerri’s IPhone and the game Angry Birds he too was rather clueless to the time and was fading fast.  With the multiple hour long fashion show over, we said goodnight to an evening and weekend we will both cherish and remember forever—for our next fashion, champagne and cupcake encounter may just be in Paris…if I can get her on a plane! Au revoir mon ami  Tu vas me manquer!  Goodbye my friend…I will miss you!

Those birds laugh which in my opinion is better than singing!

2 thoughts on “A Little Champagne

  1. Bonjour! I’m so sorry you had a week of “merde” ! Nothing better than a best friend to make it all good again. Rock those outfits and enjoy the spring!

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