Destiny and the #15?

Today’s post is probably going to be the most random I’ll ever do.  Why?   Well…a totally random thing happened in my overly structured and synchronized *go to work, come home, study, do it all again* kind of life that repeats 5 days a week.  Maybe I’m just thinking too much or reading into things that really have no meaning…but here it is anyway.  Possibly someone could explain…or not and just enjoy the randomness.

Came home today at 5:15.  Some reason I looked at the clock as I walked through the living room.  Went out to walk my darling Bailey boy and peered down on the pavement to notice a sprinkling of not one, two, or three pennies but a handful of 10 and a nickel, that makes 15 cents.  Now, we all know finding a penny is a pretty common thing (maybe not so much lately).  Sometimes I even pass them by, but a handful…that’s  like winning the lottery ( well maybe the lottery of the 18th century) but it was still a thrill.

As I made my way from penny to penny, I looked around to see if anyone had spotted me bending here and there while at the same time dragging a lazy dog behind me.  Nope… so at this point I began to think.  15…what does this mean? A sign from something greater than myself?  Here I go, *thinking outside my think* (only the Chef will understand that line).  A normal person wouldn’t have thought twice, well not me.  15…oh yes, June 15, the Chef and I move into our new apartment in Paris.  Hmm….interesting.

So here I go, walking through the parking lot to the mailboxes.  Still thinking…it’s a sign we’re going to be alright in Paris.  Finding money that correlates to the day we are to set up our home, that’s positive.

(Key slides into mailbox) Out comes a note from Netflix which has details about friends joining for a month free, yada, yada, blah, blah and then…there it was *offer expires June 15th* ! What the heck?  Is that a good omen or bad or does it even matter?  We make our own destinies right?  Does anyone else think I’m thinking too much?   Probably so..

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