What’s the value in going to the movies?

Is a movie ticket really worth the $7.50 or more you paid for it?  I guess it would depend on if you were moved by it, or maybe if it changed your life in some way.  If one considers the movie choice, that $7.50 could be priceless.  If you’ve read my History page then you’ll know my opinion on this subject.  If anything they can let loose the travel bug.

There are probably tons of people who have sat through a movie, dazzled by its setting and thought “I want to go there.” A movie set in a mystic paradise or far off country entices the nomadic instinct to leave the familiar behind and set out to find adventure, new people, food and cultures.  Just in the last decade more movies have inspired people to ditch their realties behind to see for one’s self what the world truly has to offer, if only for a week or so.

Consider the following:

The Tourist 2010 Two Hollywood super stars combined with a backdrop of Paris and Venice.  So where did I place my passport?

the tourist - the-tourist wallpaper

Mamma Mia 2008   Even though the singing made me crazy, the Cerulean blue Aegean Sea, baby powder white houses, effervescently colored Bougainvillea and a dancing Colin Firth were all it took for me to say “pass the pita and hummus…and oh yeah, when’s the next flight to the Greek isles?”

View Image

Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III    A trip the Caribbean doesn’t need an explanation!


 The #1 movie for travel….It’s also the movie that I think can make one question their life’s choices or at least wish they had (read end note).

EAT PRAY LOVE 2010 Of all the locations in this film, Bali has captivated me the most.  I’ve made it my personal mission to one day visit Ubud.  The tranquility that surrounds this mystical village is intoxicating.  No wonder Elizabeth Gilbert made it her final destination.  If only I could find the villa Roberts used in the movie.


On a side note…Matt and I were, no kidding, the youngest couple in the movie theatre the first time we saw it.  Everyone and I do mean everyone, was pushing the retirement home or already there, as the lady next to me needed an oxygen mask to breathe, poor thing.  It made us question, what’s the real message of this movie going to be?  Was it to travel? That would be too easy of an answer. While it does make you think about your next vacation the real answer was bit more complex.  This movie deals with the realities of life and forces one to look inward.  What have your choices and actions in life lead you to?  Have they been something you’re proud of?  Do you have regrets? Are you really fulfilled spiritually and emotionally?  Apparently, from the scope of the age group we found are self amidst, they had not found the answers to those questions and had been searching way too long.  Possibly, they needed a confirmation, who knows.  It was just interesting to see the age difference between us and our fellow movie goers.

This is just the cusp of what movies  can inspire.  They can help you find harmony or simply do their job of entertaining.  For others, they open doors to entire life changing realities, detour college or career goals or simply help find that missing spirituality.  They can take you anywhere in the world, whether from your couch or in person.  So the value of that movie ticket really can be priceless!





































2 thoughts on “What’s the value in going to the movies?

  1. Great post!

    After watching the movie and reading the novel, out of all the places in Eat Pray Love, Bali was my favourite too! (Italy a close 2nd, but I’ve been to Italy already, so perhaps that took away the mystery)

    I’ve also been lucky enough to have fulfilled the dream of going to Venice, Paris, and Greece – Balie awaits!

    • Well aren’t you a lucky one!! We’ve made our list and Paris has already been done (twice) so the others are most definitely next. Probably Italy first, then Greece and then Bali…with many more in between!

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