Fogged In

Maybe I have a case of amnesia, but I don’t remember Galveston island ever experiencing fog like it has for the past few days!  It does make for a good weekend to be indoors, but that’s not really unusual for us.  We spend most our weekends behind our laptops writing college essays, researching this and that or cooking.  When the sun did peak for a few hours today, we headed out for a walk, if only for a little while. 

As we walked, Matt’s mind thought of what to do with the pound of ground beef in the fridge.  What better than meatloaf? Meatloaf was not always my favorite growing up, in fact it’s a joke between my parents and I.  Dad would make meatloaf nearly once a week, no kidding.  That combined with the fact he put everything but the kitchen sink in his meatloaf, made for an excruciating experience–I hated eating it.  However, in Dad’s defense, I was once recorded on video stuffing my face with a piece.  From what I can remember–I really enjoyed it.  Guess that week Dad found all the right ingredients!  

So fast forward 20 years and I’m married to a meatloaf maker…Here’s the Chef’s version, sans évier de cuisine (without the kitchen sink)!

onions, leeks, celery, orange bell pepper, spinach, garlic with tomato paste glaze

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